Sensor Test Electromagnet – 5301

The 5301 is suitable for testing long arrays of magnetic sensors over the magnet field range of ±50mT (±500G). Arrays up to 150mm (6inch) can be accommodated in a volume of 150mm long x 10mm wide in the field direction and 15mm deep, with a field uniformity better than ±2.5%. With a field settling time of <0.1sec for 1mT(10G) increments, a full ±50mT B loop can be measured in 20sec. A B probe located at one end of the uniform field region provides an analog voltage output which tracks the central field to within ±1%. This can be used for field stamping of the measured parameters or for closed loop field control. A clear cross-section between the Pole faces of 25m wide x 55m deep, provides space for an oven around the sensor array to enable sensor testing as a function of temperature. Continuous operation at maximum field of 50mT requires only 22W power dissipation and the 5301 can be excited by a small, low cost, power amplifier and convection air cooled.

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