Horizontal Projected Field – 5201

By “projecting” magnetic field outside the Model 5201 Electromagnet, a volume of approximately uniform magnetic flux density is made available for magnetic measurements on small samples. Open access to the sample surface is available for diagnostic probes and radiation from laser and synchrotron radiation sources. The Bx component of the field is uniform to +/-1% in a planar, thin volume of 2 x 10 x 0.2mm (x, y, z) which is particularly appropriate for studies of in-plane effects in planar samples oriented parallel to the Electromagnet surface. Bx can be computer or manually controlled over the range of +/-0.4T (4000G) at z = 2mm from the Electromagnet surface, decreasing to a range of +/-0.1T(1000G) at z = 12mm.

The Bz component of the field approaches a range of +/- 0.30T (3000G) as the distance X(mm), x=0 being an equidistant distance between the two poles, at +/-5mm. As the x distance approaches 0 the Bz component of the field also approaches 0.

Small size and low weight enable the 5201 to be mounted in any orientation on standard transverse and rotary motion stages for accurate control of the projected field in position and angle with respect to the sample. The 5201 projected field can be introduced into a vacuum chamber or cryostat via a re-entrant tube of 100mm (3.9inch) inside diameter and an appropriate non-magnetic window.

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