Helmholtz Coil – 5452

The Model 5452 Helmholtz Coil Electromagnet is a single axis coil pair arranged in Helmholtz geometry to give a relatively large volume of high uniformity magnetic field. The Helmholtz Coil Electromagnet has an aperture diameter of 160 mm (6.3 inch) with an operating range to 3 mTrms (30 Grms) at frequencies from dc to over 3 kHz. To prevent eddy currents during operation the coil support frame is machined from Delrin plastic. High frequency field operation is limited by the coil inductance of about 8 mH and the peak operating voltage of 250 V. The 5452 can be mounted in any orientation and the low mass of 6 kg (13 lbs) facilitates integration into experimental or test equipment. Since the Helmholtz Coil configuration is not magnetically shielded, magnetic and electrical conducting materials should be kept at least 300 mm from the Electromagnet center to avoid excess distortion of the magnetic field within the working volume.

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