Hall Magnetic Camera – HMC9076

Metrolab introduced the world’s first turnkey magnetic field mapping system in 1993. We introduced the world’s first compact 3-axis Hall magnetometer in 1995. In 2015, we became the exclusive distributors of a unique 3-axis digital Hall sensor. Finally, in 2017 we combined all this and introduced the world’s first 3-axis, multipoint Hall magnetic field mapper – what we call a “Hall Magnetic Camera”. The primary benefits of our Hall Magnetic Cameras are: multiple measurement points, allowing AC as well as DC measurements; 3-axis Hall sensors, allowing direct measurement of complete field vectors; and a USB interface, providing a one-cable solution for power and communication. The Hall sensor, the MagVector™ MV2, boasts measurement ranges up to 30 T, with a best-case resolution of 3 µT.

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