Calibration & Repair

Magnetic Field Measurement Equipment Calibration (Metrolab NMR Teslameters)

Metrolab’s NMR Teslameters are highly precise, sensitive instruments and require periodic calibration and service to provide accurate measurements within listed tolerance, especially for MRI Imaging. The recommended calibration intervals are specified for each product.The instrument’s ability to deliver accurate and reliable measurements, depends on the accuracy and quality of its calibration.Metrolab have developed in-house techniques and procedures to calibrate the Teslameters and have extensively trained and imparted proprietary techniques to Magnergy Technology to perform this calibration. We provide calibration certificates and test reports for all measurements taken during the calibration, traceable to International standards.

Magnergy Technology are an authorized Calibration & Repair Hub for Metrolab NMR Teslameters

Calibration of NMR Precision Teslameters (PT)

We calibrate and repair following Metrolab models:
1. Model PT2025
2. Model PT2026

We repair all corresponding NMR Probes

Calibration of NMR Magnetic Field Cameras (MFC)

We calibrate and repair following Metrolab models:
1. Model MFC3045
2. Model MFC2046

We repair all corresponding NMR Probe-Arrays

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